Employment law

Lexellent offers on-going, day-to-day assistance to our clients in all matters relating to the management of human resources and relations with staff, as well as in contentious employment related issues, providing consultancy in out-of-court phases and representing the employer in litigation as well as in relations with trade unions.

At Lexellent we work closely with our clients in all aspects connected with the hiring, performance and termination of subordinate, para-subordinate and freelance working relationships.

Lexellent places a particular emphasis on contractual matters, drafting letters of intent, hiring contracts, probationary period agreements and clauses, amendment of duties, incentive and bonus plans, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, breach of specific clause penalty clauses, stability agreements and retention bonus clauses, agreements on extension of notice period, transfer of employees and secondment, and much more.

Lexellent also has extensive experience in dealing with disciplinary procedures, drafting company regulations and policies, the preparation of business and management strategies, corporate reorganization and restructuring plans, including, when necessary, large scale redundancy procedures, company due diligence and transfer of undertaking or branch of business.

Lexellent also provides assistance and consultancy in the area of commercial contracts in aspects concerning employment, such as, for example agency worker contracts, agency contracts, contracting out of work, sub-contracting and commercial affiliation.