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in law

Lexellent was set up and continues to operate thanks to the experience of reputed employment lawyers who, over the years, have shared much professional success.

The founding partners of the firm, Benvenuto, Scherini and Bergamaschi, have been joined in time by Bacchini, Chiesara and Di Stefano. Their proven competence is passed on to all those who work with us, with the aim of always achieving excellence.

Lexellent boasts a consolidated background in the areas of employment law, industrial relations, trade union relations and their relative contentious matters, guaranteeing a thorough, in-depth understanding of the legislative, regulatory and contractual system which governs all aspects of the employment relationship.

Lexellent promotes and develops the study of law through constant research, as well as training and up-dating for our professionals, not only for the purposes of best addressing our clients’ needs but also to foresee their requests, thus ensuring excellence in service provision.

Il nostro codice etico

Lo Studio adotta il presente Codice Etico al fine di formalizzare e diffondere i propri valori e principi che sono espressione della propria cultura e rappresentano le basi che guidano lo Studio in ogni scelta e azione nel perseguimento dei propri impegni professionali e sociali, fermo il rispetto delle disposizioni di legge e deontologiche.

Scarica il nostro codice etico
Our values

We like to be inclusive

We call it the “inclusion of diversity”, no matter what you call it – you can help to put it into action


Inclusion and Diversity of roles, of training, of background, of mentality, of character, of nationality. We are convinced that ‘variety’ can positively be reflected in every aspect of society such as in the activities of our firm.

The more a company demonstrates an open mentality, the better the results of the work carried out by its team. In fact, when people from different social and cultural backgrounds collaborate together for a common goal, the different points of view multiply creating more fertile conditions.

Prerogatives that allow us to find more innovative and effective solutions for our customers, also in terms of competitive advantage.

Starting from the selection process and throughout the path of the working career: every collaborator has the possibility to grow and establish themselves within the firm, expressing the best of their potential within the labor law sector which is best suited to them – with the objective to amplify their true capacity, independent of any other factors.

And it naturally engages in this way in favour, and alongside, of their clients in order to ensure that they too are up to date on this topic.

To implement these arguments and achieve “the organizational amalgamation” that we aim for, the partners of Lexellent, in the first person, guarantee the protection of the value of diversity and inclusion – striving constantly to effectively apply it, favouring a balance between private life and working life for all of our team members.

Diversity is promoted also through its engagement with the association Parks Liberi e Uguali and the Sodalitas Foundation.

Parks – Liberi e Uguali is a non-profit organization, with members that are exclusively employers, created to help businesses to understand and realize the maximum potential of business tied to the development of strategies and best practice which respects diversity and focuses on areas of diversity management, which are culturally more challenging in Italy, in particular those tied to sexual orientation and gender identity (

Sodalitas, a foundation created by an initiative of Assolombarda, is the first reality to promote the Sustainability of Business in Italy as a key strategic dimension, contributing to the evolution of the role of business not only as an economic player but also as a social and appreciated one (

ASLA the Association of Law Firms in Italy, which is constantly updated in respect to regulatory and social developments, also taking into account all aspects of diversity.

Internal training and preparedness for both the firm’s trainees and lawyers in order to keep their knowledge updated, shared, and uniform.


Giovanni Battista Benvenuto Sets up a boutique firm – exclusively specialized in Italian employment and labour law – bearing his name.


Sergio Barozzi becomes a partner : the firm broadens its area of expertise and attracts a wider client base.


Giorgio Scherini becomes a partner and the firm becomes known as BBS.


The start of a new era : already a leader in the Italian Labour Law field. BBS undertakes a new departure as a partner for corporate businesses, starting down a path that will lead to our current market positioning.


The firm is the first in Italy to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate of quality and contributes to the drafting of guidelines for the certifying of law firms.


The firm's website is enabled to allow clients to access and manage their information and documents on-line.


BBS takes its first steps in the international area, assisting internationals firms with their needs in Italy.


The three founders decide to become partners of one of the largest international law firms in the world, thereby effectively setting up their Employment Law department in Italy.


With the birth of Lexellent, Giulietta Bergamaschi takes on the role of partner alongside the historical partners. Lexellent, in its first year of activity, is a Finalist for the TopLegal's Employment Law Firm of the Year 2011 Award.