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Ellint- Employment &
Labor Lawyers International

Fourteen international law firms – in Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom – all specialized in employment and labour law, have united to create an international network that brings together world-class personnel management and labor dispute skills. It is called Ellint

( – an acronym for Employment & Labor Lawyers International.

Ellint’s members, 150+ professionals specialized in employment and labour law, have joined forces to improve the client service – by offering coordinated human resource management assistance to multinational companies in different countries with different legislations.

Ellint, a union of specialized boutique law firms of the highest professional level, guarantees the expertise of the best law firm in each country, while maintaining a compact dimension which ensures close relations between the lawyers working on individual cases and direct, flexible, and responsive client management.

Ellint international members include