What will happen to European workers in Britain after the Brexit ? For now, only more bureaucracy and potential social security/fiscal consequences.

June 24, 2016 - Diritto 24
by Lexellent law firm

The real answer is : no one actually knows yet. However, lawyers from the ELLINT network think that current EU workers won’t have problems to keep their jobs in Britain once agreements have been signed, but they will most likely need a work visa or permit.

Also, problems related to social security contributions and privacy will most likely arise, and laws will have to be amended in order to avoid tax problems.

To read the full article, in Italian, follow this link : http://www.lexellent.it/pubblicazioni/che-cosa-succede-con-la-brexit-ai-lavoratori-europei-in-gran-bretagna-per-adesso-aumento-della-burocrazia-e-possibili-ripercussioni-previdenziali-e-fiscali/

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