Employment is a field of law in continual evolution affecting numerous interconnected issues and areas of interest which gravitate in its orbit.
Lexellent places multidisciplinary and transversal capabilities at the disposal of clients, delivered through integrated work groups made up of highly skilled professionals capable of dealing with the most complex and specific issues concerning employment law, ensuring consistent top quality full service solutions.

Employment Law

Lexellent offers on-going, day-to-day assistance to our clients in all matters relating to the management of human resources and relations with staff, as well as in contentious employment related issues, providing consultancy in out-of-court phases and representing the employer in litigation as well as in relations with trade unions.
At Lexellent we work closely with our clients in all aspects connected with the hiring, performance and termination of subordinate, para-subordinate and freelance working relationships.
Lexellent places a particular emphasis on contractual matters, drafting letters of intent, hiring contracts, probationary period agreements and clauses, amendment of duties, incentive and bonus plans, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, breach of specific clause penalty clauses, stability agreements and retention bonus clauses, agreements on extension of notice period, transfer of employees and secondment, and much more.
Lexellent also has extensive experience in dealing with disciplinary procedures, drafting company regulations and policies, the preparation of business and management strategies, corporate reorganization and restructuring plans, including, when necessary, large scale redundancy procedures, company due diligence and transfer of undertaking or branch of business.
Lexellent also provides assistance and consultancy in the area of commercial contracts in aspects concerning employment, such as, for example agency worker contracts, agency contracts, contracting out of work, sub-contracting and commercial affiliation.

Industrial Relations and trade union relations

Lexellent assists clients in the complex activities of managing industrial relations, often joining our clients at the negotiating table.
Lexellent handles the drafting of company collective agreements and national collective agreements, downsizing procedures, transfer of undertaking or of branch of business, anti-trade union behaviour litigation and other matters

Social Security Law

Lexellent deals with social security contentious matters and acts for clients in relations with INPS (national social security institute), INAIL (national institute for insurance against accidents at work) and ITL (national labour inspectorate).
Lexellent assists clients in carrying out fulfilments connected with the handling of expatriates from Italy to other countries and from abroad to Italy, such as: obtaining the necessary entry permits and work permits for non-EU employees, specialized personnel and senior executives, expat contracts and trans-national secondment contracts.

Health and Safety in the Workplace Law and Environmental Law

Lexellent places a particular emphasis on health and safety in the workplace, including with reference to environmental law, and supports clients in the creation of health and safety governance structures, and in the organization, implementation and training phases concerning health and safety measures.
Lexellent also provides clients with a complete, integrated and innovative service in partnership with Synergia, a service provider company operating in the field of prevention and health and safety in the workplace.
In addition, Lexellent provides health and safety training courses.

Criminal employment law

Lexellent offers clients the possibility to be assisted also in the area of employment law concerning criminal offences, thanks to our strong multidisciplinary approach, guaranteed by the broad range of professionalisms which are a particular feature of the firm.
Our competencies in criminal law matters cover the various proceedings relating to breaches of health and safety provisions and criminal proceedings pursuant to Law no. 231/2001 (on corporate liability), and extend to white collar crime and tax law.

Protection of intangible assets

Defending immaterial assets (inventions, trade secrets, web reputation, strategic employees, etc.) is an area of crucial interest to companies and requires a mainly preventive, multi-faceted approach, starting with specific management training.
In Lexellent, experts in IP, criminal law and employment law operate in synergy in drafting protection policies, non-competition agreements, stability and confidentiality clauses, as well as in managing any employment and /or unfair competition litigation that may arise pursuant to Art. 2598 of the Italian civil code

Corporate welfare

In matters relating to corporate welfare Lexellent fields a team which can address all a client’s needs, from reviewing the company’s remuneration system to designing company employee support plans to implementing such plans.
Our constant research enables us to propose the best tools and most innovative solutions to ensure that companies remain competitive and attractive employers.

Equal opportunities

Lexellent is committed in the area of equal opportunities and inclusion values as issues of both juridical and ethical relevance also in the world of work.
We promote these issues by means of a sociological, economic and juridical analytical approach, assisting clients in drafting policies which enhance diversity and strengthen a culture of equal opportunities, with the aim of improving working environments and contributing towards making businesses more competitive on the Italian and international markets.
Lexellent is a member of Parks – Liberi e Uguali, an association whose aim is to promote inclusion in the workplace for LGBT workers, and of Sodalitas, an association which works to facilitate the hiring of young people and disabled persons.

Not-For-Profit Sector

Lexellent assists organizations and entities operating in the not-for-profit sector in managing employment relationships and voluntary work.


Lexellent promotes training and up-dating activities by organizing conferences, seminars and in-house events as well as training days for our clients at their premises.
Lexellent professionals also participate as speakers at conferences, seminars and events external to the firm.

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