Sergio Barozzi is the Industrial Relations Lawyer of the Year 2017 | Legal Community.

September 22, 2017

Lexellent Managing and Founding Partner Sergio Barozzi has been presented with the 2017 Industrial Relations Lawyer of the Year award by LegalCommunity – one of the leading publications dedicated to the Italian legal sector.

In their words: “An excellent professional who has been identified by the market and competitors. He always succeeds in making the complex simple. Points of strength: practical advice, punctual analysis and concreteness, a master of all areas of labour law.”

The jury of LegalCommunity’s 2017 Labour Awards, composed largely of human resource professionals and in-house counsel of important Italian companies, felt that, among the 23 finalists for this award, Sergio Barozzi, better than the competitors, epitomized the qualities of excellence in the Italian Industrial Relations award category. This recognition is also attributed on the basis of evaluations gathered by those who know his work in the field.

As always an award is the fruit of the labour of an entire team – the Lexellent team”, says Sergio Barozzi. “The professionality of individuals today is no longer sufficient to achieve excellence. I am very happy to have won this accolade in a category I have never previously won an award for. However, what gives me the greatest satisfaction is the fact that, one after the other, in our 6 years of activity, Lexellent and its team members continue to be recognized in diverse disciplines. This means that Lexellent is well positioned and is recognized for its 360° employment and labour law counsel. The idea to create a Global Village of Employment Law has become a reality.”    

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